Marital harmony or divorce agreement

The right way for those who think there is still a chance to save the marriage.

You want to do everything to save the marriage, but it’s not enough to just agree on that – there must be a written agreement.

A signed agreement, just like the “Ketubah” you signed when you got married, intended to rebuild the foundations for forging the bond and mutual trust between the partners for the benefit of your family.

In order to reach a marital harmony agreement – you must first agree to agree to salvage the family unit, to agree to compromise. To agree to agree.

In the marital harmony agreement we will identify the areas of conflict in the relationship and try to find long-term solutions. Sometimes, the issues ar to do with who is responsible for what in the home; sometimes the question is what compromises are both parties prepared to make in order to keep the family unit together.

Endorsement of the agreement

In order to add legal status to the agreement it is desirable and important to endorse it in a court of law. This makes the agreement obligatory – and raises the chances of its success.

It is important, of course, for the agreement to be made by a lawyer who is also a mediator, a contractor, and a family law attorney.


Marital harmony or divorce agreement

The objective of the agreement is to prevent the situation where one party rushes ahead to break up the family unit in the courtroom. First, everything is put on the table and both parties agree to try to reach marital harmony or, alternatively, to divorce. As soon as the race is over – it is possible to build trust – and become reconciled. This is also a good way to forestall unpleasantness if the attempt to achieve marital harmony does not succeed. In this way the couple composes the divorce settlement in the atmosphere of agreement, where there is a readiness for some give and take – which is the best way for all concerned.

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