Family mediation

Divorce by mutual agreement - the best way

You set up a family together, and you have shared assets – your children!

Now, maybe the family unit is about to break up. Therefore, perhaps family mediation could save the family unit, or lead to its dissolution in the spirit of consent and mutual respect.

We believe that mediation is the best way to manage disputes and negotiate a solution between the two parents. In the spirit of mutual respect, a collaborative approach and good and constructive communication between the parties – it is possible to reach agreement.

Mediation saves a lot of heartache and money, and attains results that are acceptable to both of the parties. In an initial joint meeting, our mediators assess whether or not the parties have a fair chance of succeding in a family mediation process – in order to prevent the involvement of the court and to reduce the costs.

Mediation can be set in motion even after you have begun other steps towards a separation, and even if you have commenced a mediation process it is possible to meet for a consultation.

We believe that mediation is the best way to manage disputes and negotiate a solution between the two parents.  



What do you do in mediation?

  • During the mediation process we will try to understand the two sides and the individual and shared interests of each side.
  • In the light of the stance of each side, we will present the possibilities and plausible lines of action to the parties.
  • We we clarify the outcomes of each chosen line of action.
  • We will find the line of action that is suitable for both parties.
  • We will formulate a final agreement subject to the choices of the parties.


Do you think that mediation is the best way for you? Let us help you check this out. Contact us to make an appointment, with no commitment, and together we will find the best way for your family.

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