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Areas of expertise of attorney and mediator Carmi Ronen


Last week a lady, who is a celebrity, came into the office and told me that her husband decided that he wants

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Family mediation

You set up a family together, and you have shared assets – your children! Now, maybe the family unit is about to

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Child support

When parents get divorced from one another – they do not divorce their children. The payment of child support is an obligation

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עורך דין לענייני משפחה בירושלים


Have you received an inheritance from someone close to you?   Our office deals with numerous matters to do with inheritance and

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Family Center – Package Questionnaire

Deciding whether I want to get divorced and break up the package is not easy and is a last resort. Therefore it

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Marital harmony or divorce agreement

You want to do everything to save the package, but it's not enough to just agree on it - you also need

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Request to settle a dispute

Unfortunately, the new law will not prevent the growing phenomenon of divorce, but from now on it will be much harder to

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